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The True Cost Of Periods

Sanitary products are an essential purchase for most females and something we have to spend money on each month. 

Often referred to as ‘Aunt Flo’ ‘leak week’ and ‘monthlies’, a woman’s period is something she has to deal with and can be a costly expense too. It was found that on average, each female spends around £1,500 on sanitary products during their lifetime.

 £1,500 is a staggering amount and if they had the choice, we’re sure females would rather spend their hard earned money on much nicer things than pads and tampons. What else could £1,500 get you we wonder? Money spent on a lifetime’s supply of sanitary products is equal to a week in the Maldives, staying in a 5-star hotel or a luxurious designer watch or a high-end handbag. 

Recently, the government announced that it will start providing free sanitary products in schools across the UK, allowing young girls to take care of their menstrual cycles much easier after it was found that a third of girls had missed time at school due to their period. 

Not only are periods expensive, but they can also cause damage to the environment. The majority of sanitary products are made using plastic, with the average female throwing away 11,000 during their lifetime. This adds up to around 200kg of waste made up of tampons, pads and applicators. It takes around one thousand years to decompose plastic, resulting in sanitary products having a detrimental effect on the environment. 

Although periods can’t be avoided, there are ways to significantly reduce the amount spent on sanitary products and your impact on the environment.  

Reusable sanitary pads are a great way to save money on period essentials AND help towards reducing your waste. A reusable pad can last up to five years and is easy to wash, resulting in an eco-friendly way to take care of your periods without harming the environment or your purse. Plus, reusable sanitary pads have added benefits for your body too. Regular disposable towels can contain artificial fragrances and chemicals, which can cause irritation to your skin. Cloth pads are made from soft materials, offering comfortable protection against leaks without the use of chemicals and fragrances. 

Although reusable sanitary pads are better for reducing waste and costs, a lot of females are put off by the thought of using them, but those who have tried them have been rather impressed, with one user explaining...

'As I became more aware of my personal impact on the environment, I started to explore easy ways I could reduce my waste. After doing some research, I soon discovered that I could lower my impact simply by converting to eco-friendly sanitary products every month! Affordable and efficient, leak-proof and easy to wash, I much prefer using my reusable sanitary towels knowing that I'm contributing less to the landfill problem.' 

A study also found that those who had a higher awareness of the impact sanitary products have on the environment, the more likely they were to choose more eco friendly options. If these startling statistics have encouraged you to make the switch, Tilly and Jasper stock a range of reusable sanitary pads from Baba and Boo, made from bamboo charcoal fleece, providing optimum levels of comfort and protection during your period.


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