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With the world on pause, more and more people are taking the time to take a step back and notice what they use, what they buy and what they actually need. 

It’s no secret that fast fashion comes at a price with detrimental effects on the environment.  The amount of water, pollution and chemicals used in non-organic clothing is not only shocking but to a lot of us, it’s unknown. For many it’s not that we don’t care, it’s just that we, as consumers are not made aware.  For example, let's take an item of clothing that many of us probably own multiple pairs of, the trusty denim jeans.  

Did you know:

* The average pair of jeans takes up to 15,000 litres of water to produce.

* Jeans and a t-shirt uses between 20 - 40,000 litres of water depending on where it is manufactured.

* In a single year, the amount of water required to produce the UK’s clothing tallies a staggering 5.5billion cubic meters of water, that's 14.8 million swimming pools of water!

* That equates to over 20 years drinking water for one person.

* Synthetic indigo used to dye denim is created from a whole host of toxic chemicals.

* Up to 20% of water pollution is caused by synthetic dyes.

You’ll notice that many fashion brands are switching to more sustainable ways, which is great,  with some now operating by the circular design principle, which goes like this:

Reuse → Refurbish → Remanufacture → Recycle

In this process, products will be made using approved and often recycled materials which are then sold onto consumers in the usual retail way, the customer will then use the item until no longer wanted, when they will then return to the brand for them to recycle the item then the whole process begins again.

So with more suppliers making the change to organic, and more consumers looking for ways to make their clothes last, organic clothing is a hit for the whole family and here are 5 fantastic reasons why it's better for you, and your little ones.

  • It is Kinder For Your Skin


Organic cotton is free from pesticides, fertilizers and other nasty chemicals, which means the fibres remain intact, keeping them super soft wash after wash.  It’s also much more delicate against newborn skin, so the chance of an allergic reaction is minimal, plus did we mention its hypoallergenic too!

  • It Lasts Longer, Fact!

Organic cotton is far more durable than standard cotton, so it won’t lose its shape, fade or become thin in patches, making organic clothing perfect for crawlers, play dates and outdoor explorers!

  • Organic Clothing Will Stand The Test Of Time (And Play)

If your little one has outgrown their favourite clothes, don’t despair, why not hand them down to a younger sibling, family member or donate them to charity, we promise they’ll have lots of life left in them.

  • Value For Money


While you may be able to pick up cheaper alternatives, chances are they won’t last long, so if you go on to have another child then you’ll find yourself buying twice, but not with organic cotton.  If cared for correctly, organic clothing makes the perfect hand me down.

  • It's Better For The Environment, Farmers and Working Conditions


Because organic cotton doesn’t use pesticides or synthetic fertilisers, water pollution is 98% less with 94% fewer greenhouse emissions, therefore, using far less energy.  Also, farmers that are part of the organic soil association are free to choose what they grow, grow their own food alongside cotton as the soil is nurtured and maintained for the long term.

Working With Organic Brands

Here at Tilly & Jasper, we understand that producing clothes will always have an impact but we are committed to putting the planet first, and finding a way to minimise the negative effects on the environment, which is why we only work with suppliers who are GOTS approved and part of the soil association. Some of these leading brands include FrugiBaba and Boo nappies and Toby Tiger to name but a few, all of which offer an abundance of playful designs your little one will love for years to come.

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