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Before your baby arrives, make sure you have everything ready. We have put together a simple list of things to acquire before the newest member of your family arrives.


Choosing the right nappy is very important. The common types include disposables, cloth nappies, pull-ups, pocket diapers and all-in-ones.

To ensure maximum comfort and safety of your baby, we recommend using cloth nappies, specifically organic ones. Organic cloth nappies are made of natural organic cotton that has less or zero chemicals. These nappies are highly absorbent and comfortable for baby’s use. Organic cloth nappies are washable and reusable which makes them very economical versus the disposable types.

Other essentials that you need to prepare are the following:
• Wipes
• Anti-rash creams
• Changing clothes or pads


The benefits of breastfeeding your child are countless for both mother and baby. Although it would entail a lot of hard work and patience, breastfeeding is highly recommended as it is the most natural way of providing nutrients and protection to your newborn.

On the other hand, bottle feeding is another practical choice. It is a wonderful way of feeding your infant with formula milk as a substitute for breast milk. By choosing the age-appropriate formula and following the right preparation, bottle feeding will provide the child with healthy nutrients that he or she needs to grow.

Breastfeeding or bottle feeding your newborn will require a few feeding fundamentals. These include the following:

• Feeding Bottles
• Formula Milk
• Bibs, burp cloths or muslin blankets
• Bottle steriliser and bottle brush
• Bottle warmers
• Nursing bras, pads, and pillow for breastfeeding mommies
• Pump and milk storage for breastfeeding mommies


Choosing the right clothing for your baby should be a no brainer! We highly recommend organic clothing for babies because they are safe to use and provides maximum comfort that every newborn needs. Organic baby clothes keep your child’s delicate skin and sensitive immune system safe from harmful pathogens and chemicals in non-organic cotton.

We have listed below the necessary organic baby clothes to prepare for your newborn.

• Newborn bodysuits
• Newborn organic baby grows
• Organic cotton tops and bottoms
• Pyjama sets and sleepsuits
• Mittens and socks or booties
• Stretch cotton pants
• Newborn hats

Cleaning and On-The-Go Basics

You should also remember to secure cleaning must-haves. These include baby soap, cotton swabs, hooded towels, organic cotton washcloths, bathing tub, baby comb, newborn nail clipper, sanitizers, petroleum jelly, and other cleaning basics.

Moving around can also be challenging if you have a newborn. To make this easier, you should prepare a stroller and car seat that is safe for your child. Keep a baby bag ready, too!

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