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Here at Tilly & Jasper, we just love a baby shower.  A time of happiness, a time of celebration and of course time to have some all-important fun with the Mum to be.  From games and giggles to nappies and nibbles, it’s a fabulous occasion for all to enjoy. But where do you start when it comes to baby shower gifts?  Well, with the baby shower trend showing no signs of slowing down, we think it’s a good idea to be prepared, with that in mind, we’ve put together some helpful tips and advice on baby shower gifts so you’re ready to go when that pretty invitation lands on the mat.

Did you know?

The concept of a baby shower actually dates back to ancient times.  Families used to celebrate a new life being born, but not as we know it. In fact, these historic celebrations didn’t even include the Mother . . . I know right?!  The Mother was hidden away until she was considered ‘pure’ again after birth, when she was then welcomed back into the family. It was only in the 1900s that baby showers became more joyous occasions involving gifts, well wishes and of course, the Mother.  Fast forward to today, and baby showers have evolved massively (for the better, thank heavens), becoming almost synonymous with pregnancy and the imminent journey into motherhood.

Gifts for baby

Whether you know the sex of the baby or it’s going to be a surprise, there are so many beautiful baby gifts that can cater for all.  Take a look at the list below for some ideas:

Baby bodies and sleepsuits - The perfect mix of practicality and cuteness.  Babies spend so much time in baby bodies and sleepsuits in the early days, therefore, having an abundance to choose from would be any new parents dream.  Baby bodies are a fantastic choice for both summer and winter months, as they allow baby to kick and play while staying cool in the warmer weather but also doubling up as an extra layer during the colder months, genius.  Then, who doesn’t love a baby in a sleepsuit? Offering the right amount of comfort and cosiness, a sleepsuit will keep them warm and snuggly for those eagerly awaited newborn cuddles.

Muslin cloths - For us, one of the most versatile gifts a new parent could receive.  With so many uses you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one. From winding and spills to a makeshift changing mat, a muslin cloth often saves the day.  Plus with an array of playful prints to choose from, who says practical has to be boring?!

Next size baby clothes - With the newborn stage lasting what feels like the blink of an eye, don’t be afraid to buy the next size up in baby clothes.  A top tip is to keep in mind the time of year and any seasonal changes that are expected. For example, it’s no good buying sleeveless romper suits if we are heading into winter, or a thick snowsuit if summer is on the way.  Take a look at the stunning collection from Pigeon Organics for more inspiration.

Toys - A great idea if you’re looking for something other than clothes.  If you’re a parent yourself, you’ll know what your own children enjoyed or for that extra special touch, you could opt for something personalised.

Blankets - A gift that keeps on giving, blankets are used day, night and everything in between so it’s always good to have a spare for the pram, the car, the cot or the changing bag.

Gifts for Mum

As easy as it is to get swept up in all things cute for baby, let's not forget about Mum.  A fantastic opportunity to show her you care. Candles, skin care, cosmetics, chocolate, a bottle of fizz (bubbles to celebrate anyone?) or a spa treatment for a new Mum pamper, we just know she’ll love the thought behind it.

Thinking outside the box

If you would love to send a gift that's a little more creative then we’ve got a few ideas right here.

Advice jar - A beautifully personalised gift that can be filled with tips and advice on entering the world of motherhood.  Serious, humorous, naked truths or simple good wishes, it’s all welcome in the jar!

Homemade gifts -  Blankets, hats, cardigans, baking, hampers, dummy clips, artwork, personalised prints are all brilliant examples of baby shower gifts that are becoming popular for those wanting something a little different to the norm.

Nappy cake - For a gift that's got the wow factor, look no further than a nappy cake.  Not only does it look impressive but it can also be decorated with a whole host of newborn essentials for the ultimate in fun and practicality.

Memory box - With each new child comes a collection of sentimental items that all parents will love to treasure, so why not provide them with their very own memory box to keep these items safe.  Booties, hospital bands, cards, photos and clothes are just some examples of these precious items.

Know your audience

If you’re going to a friend or family baby shower, chances are you will know exactly what they would or would not like but this is also a great chance to bring a little humour to the occasion, so let's talk self-help books.  Ok stay with me on this one, obviously I’m not implying that motherhood is a one way ticket to crazy town or anything but with such an array of mummy bloggers out there, the world has become a much more honest place, which has lead to many books being published on the trials and tribulations of motherhood.  Quite often written in a witty manner, these books are a fantastically light-hearted gift with an abundance of reassurance that as Mums, we’re in it together, so if you walk around covered in sick or you suffer a toddler tantrum in a supermarket then it’s absolutely fine!

Baby shower buying tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask the parents if there’s anything they need.  This is a particularly good idea if it is not their first baby, as they may have kept some items from previous children.
  • Friends or colleagues may wish to group together on a gift, this enables the budget to stretch further meaning you could then buy a larger item or special treats such as a spa day or post-baby date night.  
  • If you’re still struggling on what to buy or perhaps the Mum to be has a list as long of her arm of things she'd like, then gift vouchers are a fantastic option too.  That way Mum can enjoy choosing something at her leisure.

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