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As Frank once said, Oh the weather outside is frightful . . . and he wasn’t wrong!  Rainy days can wreak havoc with your plans for a family day out, but don’t worry, we’re here to tell you that your day can still be delightful!  While the thought of curling up with a good book might sound attractive to us grown-ups, children quite often have different ideas. So, if you find yourself searching for new tricks to keep them entertained, then hello and welcome.  In this blog, we have our top 10 solutions for fun-packed family days, whatever the weather.

  • Get Creative with Arts & Crafts

  • It’s no secret that children love getting messy, it’s what they do best, so what better way to occupy their time than to paint, draw, glue and decorate.  Older children may enjoy creating a picture or model of their favourite animal or place whereas younger children love to experiment with mixing colours (which usually ends up brown), either way, it’s their creation so dig out the aprons and let their artistic flair shine!

    Top Tip:  "Why not hold some of your recycling back so that you are prepared for rainy days.  It’s amazing how much fun can be had with toilet roll holders, cereal boxes and yoghurt pots.  A robot, a butterfly or an alien from space, the options are endless with your child's imagination."

  • Build a Den

  • Who doesn’t love a den?!  Both children and adults will have hours of fun creating and exploring an indoor retreat, but what will yours be?  An army base, a princess castle or a secret hideout for stories and snacks, a den is a guaranteed hit for all ages.

  • Get Creative In The Kitchen

  • Brace yourselves, this is another messy one!  Whether you are a confident cook or you wing your way through mealtimes, your children need never know with a few simple cake recipes.  Butterfly cakes are always a hit, but if you’d rather not involve an oven then good old fashioned crispy cakes never fail as a tasty treat.

    Top Tip:  "Why not involve your little one in meal preparation?  If you’re struggling for ideas of what to cook then take a look at our organic recipe ideas blog which is packed with ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

  • Tornado in a jar

  • Calling all storm chasers!  This is a fantastic experiment that will capture their imagination.  All you need is a clean clear bottle or jar, some water and a squirt of washing up liquid, then follow these simple steps.

    - Fill the jar with water (leaving a small gap at the top).
    - Add in a squirt of washing up liquid.
    - Replace the lid then begin to swirl the jar until you see the tornado begin to form.  We recommend holding the jar upright and swirling anti-clockwise gave the best results but you can do it any way you like.

      Top Tip:  "Why not add glitter or food colouring to the mix, perfect for your little Scientists to experiment with."

      • Treasure hunt

      A treasure hunt doesn’t have to be just for Easter, it can most definitely brighten up the dullest of days.  Older children will love finding the written clues, and younger children will love the excitement, but don’t worry if your children are not of reading age just yet, how about drawing arrows on pieces of paper for them to follow instead, fun for all the family.  

      Top Tip:  "If you would rather not lead them to sweet treats each time then you could alternate with their favourite toys or perhaps building blocks, which they could then build a victory model with all their finds."

      •  Visit local attractions  

      If the bad weather is set in and you just can’t face another day indoors then why not visit a local attraction (that will keep you dry too), such as:

      - Aquariums 
      - Child-friendly museums
      - Cinema
      - Sensory centres 
      - Swimming pools
      - Soft play
      - Exhibitions

        Top Tip:  "Look out for discount codes for savings on entry fees where applicable."


        • Puddle Jumping

        While the thought of being outside on a rainy day might not appeal to us, you just try stopping a kid who is armed with wellies and a puddle suit!  As with snow days, the rain is just another reason to explore, cue puddle jumping, splashing around and trudging through mud which are all perfectly acceptable 

        • Have a party

        One of my favourites and guaranteed to put everyone in a good mood, nothing says fun like a party!  Get dressed up, grab some snacks and dance to your favourite songs, why wait until your birthday to have all the fun we say!

        • Obstacle course

        A fantastic option for kids who need to let off some steam.  Create your very own obstacle course using cushions, tables and chairs, but of course, keep safety in mind at all times.

        • What's in the bag game

        Fill a bag with objects of your choice, we find small toys, a piece of fruit, a biscuit, a pebble, or a coin work particularly well for this one.  Then all you have to do is decide who is going first, pop a blindfold on them and let them choose an object from the bag which they must then identify by using only their hands.  Play for prizes or play for fun, I wonder who will win?

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