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How To Be Green

Having a baby tends to make most people reevaluate their lives. All of a sudden, you are responsible for bringing up a new little person. You are going to have to keep your baby safe and help them grow into independent people. You start to think of the world you live in and realise that some of the things you value are at risk because of the way we live our lives.

You used to hear about Global Warming on The News but never took that much interest but now, all of a sudden, it seems so much more important. You want the oceans to be full of living plants, fish and animals. You don’t want deforestation. You want fresh air. You don’t want hormones in your tap water. Saving the planet isn’t something only kooks protest about. Now, saving the planet actually means something. It means saving the world, as it is, for your newborn baby!

Stop wondering what Fairtrade is or What is The Soil Association? Make an effort to check out who they are and why they are important.


Green Baby

If you want your baby to be a green baby, then you need to think about adopting a green family lifestyle.

Think about Sustainable Clothing . Consider where your clothes come from. Don’t buy cheap ‘throwaway’ clothes. Buy organic baby clothes where you can. Fairtrade Cotton and bamboo baby clothes are particularly good.

Try to grow your own food. Start with herbs and move on to veg and fruit. If you’ve grown the food, then you know where it’s come from.

Buy toys without batteries where you can. There are plenty of eco-friendly activities that babies and children can get involved in.

Have a Craft Box full of recyclable bits and bobs. Save old cards, envelopes, loo roll tubes, buttons off old clothes etc….

Turn off more lights. Don’t keep all the lights in the house blazing if you’re not using them. Don’t leave the TV on in a room and then walk out. Turn it off! Don’t leave everything on standby!

When your kids are older, teach them to cook using fresh produce.


There are plenty of Great Organic Websites out there so check them out. Most importantly though, don’t become an organic bore. Have fun!!

by Kathryn Crawford, parenting writer, Nanny to Dylan and founder of

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