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Welcome to the world of parenthood! It’s one of the most exciting experiences one can have, but it can be exhausting, too! There are tons of unexpected things going on that you and your baby will discover every single day.

As you welcome your newborn into this wonderful world, you must know that keeping your baby warm, safe and healthy are your top priorities, with skincare being one of the most important things on your list.

What Should You Do to Protect Your Baby’s Skin?

Your baby’s skin is delicate and requires protection. There are too many hazards around us, from the food that we eat to the clothes that we wear. However, there are plenty of things you can add to your routine to ensure that your child’s skin is protected.

Choose the Right Milk and Opt for Healthy Food Choices

Are you using the age-appropriate milk for your baby? Aside from hurting their stomachs and hampering other bodily functions, the wrong milk has negative effects on your baby’s skin. If unsure which type and brand to use, always consult your paediatrician for the right milk to buy, unless you are breastfeeding.

Aside from milk, it is very important to prepare healthy food once your baby starts eating solids. Go for natural and not the processed kind. The latter can be tempting as they are easily prepared. However, they are stripped from nutrients and vitamins. Not just that, preservatives and food chemicals are often added to processed foods to make them last longer, which could also harm a sensitive stomach.

No To Frequent Bathing

We have this urge to wash our kids frequently to get rid of germs. But did you know that frequent bathing not only removes dirt but also the skin’s natural oils? Increasing the frequency of baths will make your child’s skin dry and easily irritated. Except for diaper changes and after-meal washes, you should keep your baby’s bathing to a minimum.

Powder is not the Remedy

Are you seeing rashes and red blotches on your newborn’s skin? The first thing to avoid is powder. Forget this so-called “instant remedy” because it may not be good for your little ones skin. The tiny bits of powder can be inhaled by your child that can go straight to their lungs, which can cause serious respiratory damage. To keep your child fresh and clean, the best thing to do is wash with baby soap and clean water.

Change Diapers on a Regular Basis

Are you using cloth nappies or disposable ones? Either way, make sure you change nappies regularly. Check for any wetness and change it often. Leaving a nappy on for too long can cause rashes, especially if it's wet.

Choose the Right Baby Skin Care Products

There are products designed specifically for your baby that will help moisturise and clean their skin. Try to avoid antibacterial soap because of its high chemical content like Triclosan. Instead, use baby wash and clean water. Ditch the products with fragrances too. The chemical used to produce the scent might cause an allergic reaction and skin irritations. It is also important to use hypoallergenic products for your child. Look for products that preserve the natural balance of your baby’s sensitive skin.

Switch to Organic Baby Clothes

Organic clothes are a good alternative to synthetic, non-organic clothing which is known to be more hazardous due to its chemical content and residue from production.  Organic baby clothes are safer for your children as they are made of organic cotton that is grown naturally with less use of pesticides and insecticides.

At Tilly & Jasper, we carry safe skin care for babies as well as organic clothing and cloth nappies for your little ones too. Choose from a range of brands, including, Pigeon Organics, Baba and Boo and many more. 

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