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A New Year, A New You

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day have come and gone. Most of us make some kind of a resolution at this time of year. So many people resolve to lose weight and get fit but most of us have given up by the end of January. This year however, more people than ever want to try and lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Green parenting, eco-friendly, organic food, recycling and organic baby clothes are proving to be common search terms in Google this month. Over Christmas we see huge amounts of food go to waste and masses of packaging piling up everywhere. We live in a throw-away society and even people who have never before ‘gone green’ are considering it.

Some of the big supermarkets are starting to cut down significantly on plastic packaging and responding to their customers’ concerns. More and more cafes and bars are phasing out plastic straws and shops are selling ‘wonky veg’ again. This may not sound like a big deal but for decades supermarkets have been needlessly throwing away fruit and veg which didn’t look good. Pointless, ridiculous even, but it’s been going on.

Our planet’s resources are becoming depleted and at last people are starting to realise that being green is not nerdy! We want our children and grandchildren to have what we had and finally more people seem to be able to see that ‘saving the planet’ isn’t something just a few people can do. We all need to do our bit. Baby steps and all that …

Organic Baby Clothes?

The benefits of buying organic baby clothes are manyfold. Not only is the manufacturing helping provide decent employment and a liveable income to communities in developing countries, but the natural fibres are also better for your children’s skin.

By not spending money on ridiculously cheap throwaway clothing, you are contributing significantly to making a better world for your growing family. For starters, there will be fewer dangerous factories in developing countries where kids as young as five are making cheap clothes for some of our most famous high street stores. Landfill sites will stop filling up at such scarily high rates if we wear our clothes longer and pass them down. If you spend more on clothing, you tend to look after it better and pass it on. Buy a cheap T-shirt for a couple of pounds and stain it and you’re more likely to throw it away than wash it.

And don’t get me started on disposable nappies. Cloth nappies aka reusable nappies are so adorable now. They look so cute on your baby and hey they don’t clog up landfill sites and take hundreds of years to disintegrate. Win, win! There are a few downsides and many of you have been asking are cloth nappies better than disposables . To me however it’s pretty much a no-brainer! Try buying a few and then you can compare the advantages and disadvantages for yourself. Even if you only use cloth nappies some of the time, I figure you’ll be making a difference. Every little helps, after all.

Happy New Year All and here’s to a greener, healthier, happier you!

by Kathryn Crawford, parenting writer, Mum to 3 girls, Step-Mum to 2 boys, Nanny to Dylan and founder of

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