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Face masks have been our trusty companion throughout the pandemic; helping us stay as safe as humanly possible from the threat of Coronavirus while we crack on with our daily activities. 


But what do we do with our old friends when they’re no longer needed to keep us safe? How can we keep our masks out of nature and landfill while also giving them a new lease of life?


Here are 20 things you can turn your old face masks into that you might not have thought about:

1. Plant pot 

Simply remove the elastic on two masks and stitch them together. Flip the masks inside out and huzzah - you have an eco-friendly plant pot!

2. Scrunchie

Take an old mask one of your friends made for you at the very beginning of the pandemic, and reuse the material to turn it into a hair scrunchie.

3. Hamster Hammock

Hamster, mouse, gerbil… Any small pet will do! 

4. Slingshot

Roll up some paper in the office and use your brand new slingshot mask to send a secret message to your colleague… The options are endless with slingshot masks. 

5. Fruit-shiner

A tool you might not have known you needed. Turn your fruit into prize-worthy spectacles. 

6. Eye mask / Sleeping mask

Whether you’re on the night shift or can’t get to sleep without being in total darkness, wear your face mask slightly higher than usual for full light protection from your eyes.

7. Hats for cats

Cut out some ear holes and you have a very fashionable accessory for your cat!

8. Crumb-catcher

No one wants a crumby desk or bed. Hang your mask so it’s angled around your chin next time you’re eating biscuits.

9. Mug holder

Burning your hand on hot cups of tea and coffee is a thing of the past with a face mask mug holder! Use the straps to securely hold onto the mug, while the fabric protects your hands from the heat.

10. Pen holders

Hang up by your desk or on drawer handles to create a perfectly sized pen holder.

11. Snack holders

Same as above, but with snacks!

12. Emotion-hider

Bored during a meeting? Can’t stop laughing in a serious situation? Mask on!

13. Face warmers 

If you’re prone to blue lips in winter, using your pandemic face masks is a great way to combat the cold. Bonus points if you can match your scarf with your mask.

14. Getting away with talking to yourself

The pandemic has made talking to yourself in public much easier. If you can’t control the urge post-pandemic, wearing your mask is the best way forward.

15. Protection when cleaning

Whether you’re changing nappies or emptying the cat’s litter box, your mask will protect you from dangerous chemicals and horrible smells.

16. Jewellery holder

The soft material stops your jewellery from scratching on surfaces, which is always handy if you need to momentarily take your jewellery off when you’re out of the house.

17. Face mask blanket

Just like when people make blankets out of old T-shirts. Collect all the fabric face masks you and your household have gathered in the past year, and stitch them all together to make a germ protecting but rather thin, blanket.

18. Screen cleaner

Cut your mask into smaller pieces to create screen cleaners for mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices.

19. Handy cloth

You never know when you’re going to need some cloth. Maybe you spilt some coffee on your desk, or you need to have a quick dust around some shelves? Your old mask can help!

20. Pocket square

Turn your patterned masks into pocket squares! You’ll never have to fork out on pocket squares again.


If you don’t choose any of these fabulous second purposes for your masks, then it’s important to dispose of them correctly. For single-use face masks, put them in the main bin. When it comes to fabric, washable face masks, recycle their fabric or keep them in case you get ill and need to leave the house in the future.

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